Trazos (1978)


1978, 15 March

Color crayons on paper

56.2 x 76.4 cm

(22 1/8 x 30 1/8 in)

Signed, dated and dedicated ‘para ‘Paloma como recuerdo de nuestro trabajo Miró 15/III/78.’ (for Paloma as a souvenir of our work)

On the reverse there is a pencil drawing of a rectangle with the inscription: ‘TAPIÇ 8 x 5 m.’ ‘ESCALA 1/30’

Certificate by ADOM – Association pour la Défense de l’œuvre de Joan Miró-, Paris, 2024

Glazed under museum quality acrylic glass Optium True Vue


The artist

Paloma Chamorro*, Madrid, Spain, a gift from the artist in 1978

Private collection, Spain, inherited from the above

*Paloma Chamorro was a famous TV entertainer who conducted the program Trazos -hence the motif of this work- for several years for RTVE (Radio Televisión Española / Spanish Radio & TV). Miró was a guest of the program and created this work live during program.


Videos showing Miró creating this work: